Personal commission for a private client of his two cats and Red-Eared Slider.  Clip Studio Paint, 2019
 Clip Studio Paint, 2019
 Rock Lee from the anime Naruto  Clip Studio Paint, 2019
 Adobe Photoshop CC, 2019
 Personal commission for a private client, of their World of Warcraft character.  Adobe Photoshop CC, 2018
 Sticker design  Adobe Photoshop CC, 2019
 Special Agent Dana Scully from the TV show X-Files  Adobe Photoshop CC, 2018
 Hypoplectrus guttavarius  Adobe Photoshop CC, 2018
 Personal commission for a private client. A wedding gift featuring the bride and groom’s Dungeons and Dragons characters.  Adobe Photoshop CC, 2018
Outside My Window
Gyakutenno Megami
Shell still life
 Self portrait (2016)
bread head (eat your grains!)
exploded sheep's eye
dance of the dream man
oh i wandered
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